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Vray 1.5 Max 2008?


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I am with you all. We recieved our copy of 2008 this week and I don't want the IT to install. Will Vray 1.5 r3 work with 2008? We just bought it this summer for max 9 and I am wondering....now what? Do we have to buy a new release of vray for max 2008. Hope not....boss will freak;)

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I might be wrong, but I don't think RC5 was every released to the public. I have it too, but I had to ask Vlado for it to see if it fixed a problem I was having...it did. Now that 1.5 is out I'm sure they won't be passing RC's out anymore.


1.5 Does work with max 2008, but I haven't been able to get DR working. That's the only thing I've noticed so far. Just use the Vray version for max 9 with it.


Upgrading from RC3 to 1.5 is free...and all service packs will be free to. You'll have free upgrades for awhile. Chaos is good about that. Acutally upgrades have been free for years now.

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Update for all


WOW, extraordinary is all I can say.


Dual 3.8 Xeon 6GB RAM Nvidia FX4500

XP64 SP2

Max 2008 64Bit

Vray 1.5.00 SP1


This is the most stable combo I've ever used. I use one of the evermotion interior scenes as my personal machine benchmark. I use the one of the interior of a church with all the chairs. Merged in a Dragon breathing fire animation from the Max tutorials / samples. Added even more dramatic lighting and instanced all the chairs 4 more times. I CANT make it crash... just keeps on chugging.


Adaptive Degradation is super sweet. Vray 1.5 SP1 is PERFECT as far as I can tell. We don't use any in house DR, so I can't comment there, but the rest is top notch.


THANK YOU VLADO and the rest of the VRAY team!

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I have a good number of Max files created in Max 9 Exp 1 with vray_adv_15000_max90_x86 that simple won't open; Max just hangs and won't do a thing. Have to force quit out of it. I can merge those files from 9 into 2008, but in doing so, it's breaking the DWG file link that we use to get the model in from FormZ. Accepting the lost link, I retexture the model, save it, then go to open it back up... hangs again.


Also noticed that when submitting a network job, 2008 doesn't remember our subnet mask / render server location, just annoying.


I'm wishing I had waited at this point and considering jumping back until I see a patch...

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Form Z huh?


Well, we don't use that around here... I've seen good stuff from it, but it seems my architecture guy prefers ADT and then straight into max for texturing.


Once again... ZERO problems. We have been running our latest animations of 1,000 Acre 2,000 Lot land development projects FULL of landscaping. Once again, NO problems.


Typically, we would never upgrade mid project and thus wouldn't be bringing in projects from 9 to 2008. However, I tested several older projects as old as Max 7 with no problems.


Time to evaluate your workflow. The time advantages and stability of 2008 and Vray 1.5 SP1 on a 64bit system are simply unbeatable and that's just all there is to it.

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