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wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction..


I have recently built my own computer, everything went great. After not using it for a week I powered it up BUT there is no beep and nothing on the screen, no bios..


it's been off and unplugged all week, what gives I've checked the wiring etc.


the heatsink fan starts so that would suggest power to the motherboard.


can't fathom it :(

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It's hard to tell. If you can get another stick and try it, you'll soon know if it's faulty DIMM. If it is, have it replaced and you've then got 3GB. If it still doesn't work, it's probably your motherboard...especially if you're not getting BIOS or any signal through your video card. Fortunately for you, it's all still under mnufacturer's warranty.

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Could I try resetting the bios by using the jumper on my board, would this be worth a go?


my screen is blank can't enter BIOS or anything. the manual states that the computer would sound a long beep if there was a prob with the board.

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Ok may try that, would a cmos failure cause a blank screen?


The computer has been unplugged all week, untouched...


just so you know the cpu fan runs so the board has power, I've taken out the ram and put it back also.

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