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Where do I begin?


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I suppose its best to start this question with a quick background of myself. I'm currently a senior Architecture student who's trying to learn mental ray. I've done the tutorials in Max9, and I've looked at all 4 pages of info in the Max Bible. Those have provided me with just enough information to get me very frustrated. Other than searching forum after forum, does anyone have any solid resources for beginner Mental Ray users like myself?


Like I said, I'm an Architecture student which means I only have time to learn mental ray maybe one or two evenings a week.


Are there any good books you would recommend or perhaps a tutorial site or blog?


I'll post a more direct problem in another thread, but for now, I'd just like to know where to begin.


Thanks for any help/suggestions!



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Well, I've got a few scenes going right now. I've had a lot of success with 2 or 3 of them, but the light study I'm working on right now is giving me fits.


I would really just like to know all the basics of using Mental Ray in Max9 so I could understand what everyone is talking about in these forums. I get the super basic stuff like FG and GI, but past that I'm completely in the dark.


Are there any books anyone would recommend or any books to avoid?

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