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I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good texture resources for Facades for shops, housing, (semi, terraced) either commercial or free,


I have a job on at the moment where I need approx 20 - 30 different house exteriors, cafe frontage, Debenhams, and the likes, I got a load of textures already following some threads on here, I have been on estate agents site however some of the pics are either too small or taken at the wrong angle,


I could go out with a camera however it wouldn’t be long before the police arrived as people get funny about having their house photographed, (naturally)


I wonder what these games studios do with their texture assets once they are done with them, it would be great if they made them commercially available.

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Hi Foxlee,


Thats great cheers, however the perspective is too much and I cannot seem to find enough front on housing as most shots are taken looking down the road,


What I have settled on doing until I can find a better way is to create my own layers in PS of different windows, doors and brick and I am creating house facades but using different photographic images as references, that way everything is a lot claener, and once an occlusion map is on that will add a bit of detail etc,




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