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Great big wood paneling wall texture


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I've got an annoying problem. I'm using Max08 (that's not actually the annoying part) and working on a render of the lobby I've just finished off the design of, which has a great big 2-story wall of maple paneling (no jokes, long story) with some nice details and a lovely satin finish, that I need to show in all its great big wooden glory. And I can't find a great big glorious maple paneling texture. Can anybody help me find one?

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This is something I've looked for many times without success. I wish Arroway would put together a collection of this type. In any case, here are a couple of good veneer links that I think I found here recently. They are quite good, but they don't cover a whole 4' x 8' sheet.






Let us know if you find something better. Oh, and I would not recommend the Got3D wood texture collections. The free ones at the links above are much better.



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