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gamma settings for max 2008 and photoshop


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Hi guys,


i have read a few posts on this issue about the mr photographic exposure control and the gamma settings. correct me if i'm wrong, the max08 user reference guide stated that to achieve a balance settings of max's gamma settings is to use a value of 1.8 for the gamma value, as for bitmap, values of both 1.8 for both Input and Output, this is based on my monitor settings


but on the other hand, it also stated to use a value of 2.2 for the gamma value, and for both bitmap input and output gamma when used with photoshop.


my testings shows the best value is gamma value of 1.8, and both 1.8 for bitmap input and output value, but not sure about photoshop settings. i use the srgb 2.1 something like that...as stated in the user guide.


so what is the best comprimising values for both application?

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