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white dots in my vray rendering... help!


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i am rendering a gym, and there are white spots on it. i have attached a picture of both the gym and render settings. please i need help to get rid of the those unsightly white dots... also my render time is about 4hrs 45min... i need to cut it down


oh and i know that the picture is too bright.. i will tone down the lights :p but the white dots r killing me! they appeared even when the room wasnt too bright enough. i appreciate any help i can get... and this is really urgent. this is my firts post by the way :p


Gym: gym_010.jpg


Render settings: render-setting.jpg

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Someone may want to correct me here, but the dark and bright multipliers are BOTH set to 2.35.? would this be required to set BOTH to such a value..?


It just seems that that would apply to dark and bright colours, so thats all colours in the scene, being brightened by 2.35.?


I am up for being corrected here..:D

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Per Joseph Petrino's reply above, checking the Sub-pixel Mapping option in the Color Mapping tab should solve the problem.


Nykegoddess - please let us know if you solved the problem. So many times, people post problems, and then some users post potential solutions, then never hear back.

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hi nykegoddess,

i actually had this problem a while ago with one of my renders. i had put in some photometric down lights in a scene and turned on area shadows to give a softer shadow spread around the couch area. when i rendered it (almost the same settings like the one u've got) there were these spots that turned up on the floor. the floor was slightly reflected as well. turned the shadows back to vray shadows and it all disappeared. my guess is that these spots turn up where there are reflected material. whats causing it im not sure, as in, was it mainly my shadow settings or could i counter that effect by playing around with my render settings. Would like to know if u solved the problem and how. thanks.

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i did an crop render of the spotty areas, the dots r gone. am sorry i didnt reply immediately that were, i went out of town on business... anyways, am rendering the image again with the light multiplier turned down to 1. but the dark mult is still 2.35.

i am currently working on the lights now, to tones things down. i really appreciate the help i got here. i will post the final image once it is rendered.

thank you so very very much for you help.


oh btw way... i used vraylanconze set to 2, and i turned on sub-pixel mapping and increased rQMC noise to 0.01 and the dots dissapeared. i will render the regions ot again with one by one, so i know wat caused the dots and post it here too. once more thanks for your help! CGarchitect rocks :-D

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To Andy:

For the multipliers, some of the best renderings i've seen were with multipliers of 7.0/7.0..(from a russian guy, saluto)


I know that now, with physical cameras, we do not need that sa much, but still...


worth take a look




Cheers Alain..


Thats what I love about this forum.. learn something new everyday..:)

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sth is wrong.... it isnt sharp enough... the render settings is still the same, but use lancoz filter for anitaliasing, sub pixel mapping is turned on, noise thrsh: .01 and set bright mult to 1.... sth is wrong with it.. please wat am i doing wrong?


and this is the render setting with the corrections i stated above (for those who dont want to go back to the previous page to view the image) which is

lancoz filter, size 2

sub pixel mapping: on

rQMC noise filter: 0.01

bright mult: 1


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no, i am not using depth of field. for those who are following this. I turned on sub-pixel mapping and the white dots disappeared! yay! oh and i didnt use vraylancsoz filter, coz it blurred the bricks. i went back to using catmull-rom AA filter.

i will post the final render up here if anyone is interested.

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I didnt try anything of the sort, people suggested I use caustics, turn of caustics for the sun, sub pixel, various antialiasing filters bla bla bla. I turned off the camera visibility and BAM! Gone, Done! :confused:


My goodness.. its the Viz character "roger irrelevant" He's completely hatstand..:D



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Hi All,


I have gone through this thread and the render set ups, however I am not sure where I am going wrong as I am still getting those white dots but only on those objects that are reflective Plastic


You can see it’s noticeable on the Green and blue button objects


I have uploaded a small 25 frame segment here,



I would appreciate any assistance on this


kind Regards


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I didnt try anything of the sort, people suggested I use caustics, turn of caustics for the sun, sub pixel, various antialiasing filters bla bla bla. I turned off the camera visibility and BAM! Gone, Done! :confused:


When i right click on the vray light to get to properties, that option is greyed out and i cant get to it even when i check 'By Layer'


How do i get this setting active?


Ive posted about this before and I am also still having the problem. I have a simple room scene with vray light spheres -


Ive tried all suggestions here using all the settings and still have the spots. Checking Sub-Pixel only gives me a warning in the Vray log saying the 'rendered result my have inccorect brightness' but I still get the spots.


I even turned the cuastics value in the vray properties to 0 and still get the spots.


The only time I get these is when I use the sphere lights w/ GI on. All other lights and settigns are fine.


Im ready to tear my hair out

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