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CMYK conversion problem for intense colors in renderings


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I have a 3D rendering for a poster with some intense blue colors which needs to be prepared for professional printing. Unfortunately plain conversion of the RGB image into CMYK (with printing calibration for the software) doesn`t work well, the colors appear dull.

I`m thinking at this moment to correct each color separately after conversion.

Any ideas?

Best regards.


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You'll find that you can not get the vibrant hues with CMYK that you can with RGB colors. I worked in a oldschool printshop when I was in highschoool and one of the press operators showed me one time some of the special inks that they can use in conjunction with standard CMYK tints to get some better colors, but when it comes to vibrance (specially with flourescent colors)... some just don't convert.


Most print shops have the ability to do as close as a conversion of your colors as possible, so you may want to check with them to see if it would be better for you to convert, or for them to do it.

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