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Church Exterior


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This is an exterior that I'm almost finished with. I have had some issues with the grass but have those worked out now. Thanks for everyone's help on that...


Here are the machine specs and render time.


Core2 Quad @ 2.40GHz



MAX 2008

V-Ray Adv 1.5 SP1


32 mins


Would love some C&C.




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It's on it's way though there seems to be some problems with your light source - shadows are very diffused for sunlight and I feel you could increase the intensity of the "sun" light source to brighten the scene. It just seems that your motivating light doesn't match your sky. See the pics I've attached - one with a clearer sky, one with an overcast sky.


You also need to re-map the roof texture or better still, just model the roof as it's not too complex and the results will be much better. Also, if those are stained glass windows in the gables, play with the materials to get them reflecting a bit and acting more glass-like...transparency/ translucence.


Hope this helps,



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Thanks for the tips guys. I realized that my environment color was a little too blue. I'm going to try brightening up the scene a bit.


@Shane: Thanks for the suggestion on the stained glass. It's actually in PS right now but I might as well model them. Same thing for the roof. That was one of my eye sores but the client was ok with it.


Thanks for the tips.

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