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Solution for landscape..!!


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what is being used maximum by the people/studios for the landscape in still views??


is it 3D models or 2D images??


3D Model gives perfect blending of lighting in the scene..! rather then tweaking 2D images in PS( And yet not that accurate results..?!).. I think..


I see many studio's work in which it becomes difficult to judge the landscape whether it is 3D or 2D or hand sketch..but somehow it blends good with the scene...!!


So, which is the best way to get best results...??

And, which is the best 3D landscape package to invest in? Is it onyx trees..??:confused:

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Onyx is very good, but I dont know if its the best. Ive tried a number of ways to get really decent landscaping in my scenes, and I have personally found that the best method seems to be a combination of 3d trees, and 2d sprites. Usually I put lots of 3d in the foreground of my shot, and then I use 2d trees to kinda fill in the background. If you get creative with your sprite image maps, you can blend the 2d and 3d well enough that most people would never be able to tell.


Smaller plants (hedges, flowers and stuff) I usually just hand model. I spend a lot of time photographing plants and flower beds that I like, and then I try and replicate the plants / layout as best as I can.



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Thanx.. mechadus..


by mistake this thread is posted again here..I am not being able to find the way to delete it..so you can join us in the discussion at..



And, also what u hv said is a good way..of blending 2D & 3D ..:cool:

I think foreground shrubs in 2D doesn't look great ..b'cos some times it has to repeat..so there its better to put 3D models..!

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