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Scatter using vertex paint in 3ds max?


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Is there any way to utilize vertex paint to assign models (eg trees) on terrian?


What I would like to do is something like in vue - where you can physically paint black areas that would generate models to occupy space on the model that you use vertex paint on.


I know there are several plugins to do things similar, just wondering if you can do this with vertex paint.



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you could always use paint deformation to give your terrain relief, then do a proboolean cut of that terrain so that only the surface area that is deformed gets left out of the cut, and then scatter the vegetation over the part of the terrain left behind.


you could also just go into polygon subobject mode of the edit poly modifier, use the paint selection tool to select the vertices you want, detach those polygons and scatter on that detached object

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i use this one, does exactly the same as you have described. you pick the objects to want to paint, and select the thing you want to paint on.


its so much better than scatter boolean, and plus, it works with proxies.


cant remember where i found it so ive attatched it.



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