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My first Matte attempt


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Thought I would take a stab at doing a little matte painting. I originally just started playing around with the Ivy Generator and this old model I had, and just kept going with it.


Right now I'm trying to stay rough and just work on composition and placement. Any thoughts/comments?


The first one is the original render and the rest are photographs from Flickr and cgtextures.com mostly


Thanks for stopping by :)





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nice ivy but my head really cannot turn to this angle :|


You need to tilt your monitor not your head!! ;)



Well about the image I think its more composite image than matte.

The skyscrapers at the horizon should be more faded as its further - this will create a sense of depth.

The scyscrapers have to them a bit too saturated blue tint IMO. In some places there is an issue of pixelated imagery.


The concept of matte painting results in taking a photo (or photos) and creating endless differenciated imagery based on that photo instead of using it and just pasting in an image.

The water could use some more work - the mirror texture is a little bit discracting.

The image tilting causes somewhat a problem IMO.

The sculpture looks interesting.


PS. Arent then ivy leaves a little to big?


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