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2nd exterior (1st with new computer)

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This is my 2nd exterior, and the first one with the new PC.


I used MR Sun and MR Sky (no HDRI) and some textures with BMP maps.


There is a wall opposite (out of camera view) of the same height, which is there to act as a shield for the sun and to give us some shadows.


I was originally aiming to capture an alley, but it seems to be turning into more of a cobblestone road in a rural Ye Olde English Towne.


The ladder was going to be a fire escape for the upper levels, but not happy with them.


I made a box, flipped the normals, and put a painting, a 60 watt light, and some primitives inside as 'furnishings'.


Before I clone the window and rooms to the other booleaned openings, any suggestions would be most welcomed.


I'm considered dropping the ladder and extrusion and perhaps making doorways and entrances...?


I have MR A&D Glass as the window material, but it seems like it's not there.


32-bit frame buffer with the HDR info adjusted in Photomatrix Pro


Thanking you...

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I'd say do some nice HDR reflections on those windows. The window frames on the upper levels need some attention.


Straighten up the camera angle, brighten up the sky or PS one in, add some disp to the road and re-render!!

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I fixed the rest of the windows and rooms behind the windows, removed the fire escape, opened the opposite (off-camera) wall to let more interesting light and shadow into the main wall, and put a HDRI in the environment and skylight. Also added displacement of 2 and increased the BMP of the cobblestone road.


I'll add the entrances next render.


Thanks again...

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Thanks guys!


Yeah, I chamfered the edge of the sidewalk - but only once. Maybe I'll do it a few more times to make it more rounded.


And I think you're right James - they do look a tad long. Will fix those up and add a fire hydrant, some street lamps, etc...


Wow - maybe I'm getting the hang of this "exterior" stuff... ;)

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Hi Owen - I was posting the scene to see if anything needed to be fixed to the windows/interior rooms before copying it everywhere. :)


I'm trying to stick to my goal of spending some time every day on 3DS, here's what I've done today:

* chamfered the curb/footpath edge some more (it's still shiny - might need to change materials)

* started modeling the street lamps (still have to add the top bits and the balls of light)

* tried to remove some of the stretching of the bricks in the wall

(I got a load of shorter bricks from the factory)


Any comments on the street lamps? It's a lathe at the top with a beveled box as the base. I did some insets and beveling for detail, without resorting to booleaning a pattern (thus saving some polys).


Thanking you...

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Hey, looking better each post. The sidewalk seems far too narrow right now. Would want to show the concrete work as well; segments for the concrete to expand / contract, the curb would be separated from the sidewalk area and have a gutter into the street, drains, etc. The poles? would need to pull away from the building then to allow clearance for a person / 2 people to pass.


Judging by the scale figure, your floor to floor height seems very compressed, (or the figure too tall). Other things scale-wise to check on is the weight of the stone used for the window arches seem too light, windows on first floor are either too low, or too short (compared to the person). Bricks seem too large in scale right now (again, judging by scale figure.) You would need to add some mullions around the window glass instead of letting it die into the stone as shown.


Lighting is looking good. Keep it up!

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