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First Non photorealistic attempts


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Michael, looks really nice. The first image looks a bit confusing in the center with so much going on there, but I think it's mostly just color. Due to the crossing road being yellow instead of the same gray. I really like the elevation.


Nice work.

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hey, thanks for the comments. I agree with the first image about it getting a bit too cluttered over in the walkway and about the roads being different colors. I'll have to look into that.


I would definitely like to mention that a lot of the base of these images were worked on by some talented others in our office (Phil Fossen and Dave Ortiz), and I completed the final photoshop work.


The second image was originally rendered out of Viz+Vray, brought into sketchup to render a sketch pass, and then a lot of painting in photoshop.


Here's a quick break down of some of the steps to give an idea.


Original render From Viz:


Sketchup Pass:


Photoshop Layers:


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very cool! how long did it take from the time photoshop was opened?


thanx for the bit of insight in the process!


oh, the only thing that i didn't like in the first images is the photorealistic people, dont fit the non-photoreal style

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