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I am having a display problem on my computer and I am hoping that someone out there can help me. When I am running Direct 3D Display on Max/Viz all of my pull down menu’s and pop up display boxes will show up and then fade out-Disappear (for a lack of a better term). The machine is a newer Dell precision running win XP with a dual core processor, 4 megs of memory and running a nVidia quarto FX 550 Graphic Display card.

I have contacted Dell, and nVidia they have been no help with this particular issue. I have downloadedall of the latest drivers from Nvidia and dell including the drivers specifically for Autocad and Max/viz. I can change the display to “Software” and that seems to work, but the display is slower refreshing on even a moderate sized scene. I just got the Max upgrade and it is having the same problem in the native Direct 3D mode.

See the attached

Please help

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I just loaded Max 2009 and that looks like it went out to the web and uploaded the latest drivers from there but I'll check to make sure. I went to Microsofts web site and dowmloaded the latest drivers ad installed them, its still has the same problem.

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Did you buy it from Dell with the 4gb of RAM in it? The reason i ask is that unless you have a 64-bit version of XP then Windows will only actually be able to accomodate 3.4-ish gb of RAM. Putting more than windows can use will actually cause problems. I would suggest if you are using a 32 bit version of XP to drop back to 3gb of RAM, (im assuming you have several 1gb sticks) and see if that doesnt help your display issues.


I bought a HP desktop a couple years ago and it came stock with 2gb of RAM, but it had two additional slots on the motherboard for more, so I went to Best Buy and bought 2 more 1gb sticks to put in... and i started having problems soon after that... ended up paying Best Buy to run tests on it, and they couldnt find anything wrong with it... and one day while looking at the Control Panel ---> System ---> General tab i noticed that it was only saying it had 3.4gb of RAM when i know that there was in fact 4gb in it... so on a hunch I pulled a stick out ... and it worked like a charm after that.... not sure if this is the case with your Dell, but its worth a shot...

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I am perplexed.


If you run dxdiag, does it show anything unusual?


Perhaps now it's time to run it by Autodesk?

Have dxdiag save the output as a file and include it with your report.


I've always kept to the more 'traditional' video cards: 8600, 8800, etc and haven't had any trouble.


Have you tried the "Maxtreme" video driver made specifically with 3DS Max in mind?

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