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CG Vis Artist desk - what you think is necessary?


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The 'very stupid idea I had while being awake (work) for a couple of days and nights without sleep' idea:

This is your CG desk. This is where you work. At the moment its empty.

What do you think is necessary to have on that desk?


You are only allowed to add one item. Then the desk 'goes' to the next person.

Could be interesting to see what it will look like after a couple of people input their own :D

Hopefully we end up with a desk full of stuff that every CG vis artist should have! ;)


Download it - add your item and then post back.


I added some cigs. Although Im not a heavy smoker and do not smoke where I work or during work. Beer and cigs - yes. Anyway cigs are on the table.


Ps. The last person to post, updates all so that everything is in one image.

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Hmm my hammer seems to have gone missing?


I dont know how you guys fix your computers without tools?


I have added a crowbar for getting into the harddrive to recover old files. (crowbar is not to be used on clients)

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