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Interior Vray Tutorials?


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I have both from my early V-Ray days - Global Illumination: Exteriors (he does a highway overpass) and Global Illumination: Interiors (several interiors - a bathroom, a series of corridors).


VERY GOOD lighting tutorials. I still use the light reflector trick in Mental Ray, to 'help' photons light up dark corners and back areas.


At the time, you had to get the DVD - as I'm in Australia, it was a painful 2 weeks. But well worth the wait.

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Here is the exterior counterpart: http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/dvds/cni01.html


I also have both disc, but only peeked through the exterior so far. You could learn quite a few trick from it. But both discs are from 2005, just keep that in mind.


I see gnomonworkshop price each at $69, when amazon tags them at $59.




I wonder if there is other than these two out there. Havent managed to find anything :/


Edit: In case of doubt, I do recomend the exterior disc, interior I have not watched yet, but if same quality as the exterior I probably would have recomended that one too.



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I did the exterior first then moved on to the interior.


NitPick: No models were included. The instructor says a few times, "the geometry and texture really impacts the final lighting solution", so even if you manage to model something close to the million+ poly highway overpass scene, you wouldn't have the textures he has.


Bri at http://www.mentalboutmax.com has branched out to include V-Ray tutorials. He has a very patient manner when he instructs on his tutorials and explains everything. I've found most other instructors tend to rush through their speeches and directions. If he does half as good at his v-ray instruction as he has with his mental ray and max tutorials, they'll be worth getting! I'm a convinced fan - I have all of his tutorials (just got the 5 most recent releases tonight, in fact). And I (and others) made the comment about the (lack of) models in his lighting tutorials and - ya know what? - he now includes them. I mean, it's not a MODELING tutorial, so providing the model cannot hurt anything. And having the actual model to do your own renders and compare to the video helps enormously.

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