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3ds to dwg = slow upload in 3DS Max?


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I'm looking for some tips on increasing the time for uploading files into 3DS Max.


I received an Architectural model in .3ds form from the Architect and I got an error notice in 3DS Max when I went to import the file so I converted the .3ds to a .dwg file in Autocad. Then I tried to upload the dwg into 3ds max and it took a day to load. I know the architect added more detail and meshes to the model but does anyone know how to increase speed of uploading without sacrificing the design? OR do you know why the error happened with the .3ds file in the first place?



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Clean up the autocad file before importing in Max. Try using the Layer Freeze (layfrz) command to hide unecessary layers in Cad, including hatches and such.


Sometimes its better to simply trace over lines drawings using a polyline in cad before importing aswell.


If you get rid of any unnecesary line work and clean up the line work you are going to use in Max, it will make your workflow a lot easier and faster.

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