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DR: warning: Render host unknown error !


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I have been using DR for many years.


When I upgraded machines and software sometime ago, I started getting this error when using DR.


Machines: Pentium D 945 (6 basically the same)

Generally running the 3GB switch at boot (although doesn't affect error)

3ds max 9 servicepack 2

vray Advanced 1.5 rc3

windows xp service pack 2

gigabit network and switch



warning: Render host unknown (192.168.x.xxx) is not responding


Of my 5 machines usually 1 or 2 will fail midway during render


I have implemented the multicore script so that is not the problem.

ie: renderers.current.system_numThreads=4


Has anyone fexperienced (and fixed) this problem

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Did you install windows from a disk image? We have had similar errors in the past with the machines being installed from the same image and therefore having the same handle (a version of the machines I.P. address). They would pick up a frame and start rendering but then bomb out after a few minutes.

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>>>Did you install windows from a disk image?


No, each machine has an independent version of windows installed from service pack 2 disk. Each machine is registered however not connected to the internet via NAT (deleted the gateway address in TCP/IP) so as to stop autoupdates and a whole lot of other rubbish, We don't use them for anything other than Render Slave.


I used to think it was a bandwidth or network problem, however I don't think so now as I have completely upgraded the network. I am really at a loss as to why the slaves drop off.


Has anyone else experienced this problem and fixed it?

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