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why cartoonish?


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this is not my design, just some rendering work for me. actually i think i can design this better lol


its my first time to try an exterior rendering, i used a simple direct light with a yellowish color plus i had the environment check box checked. i used linear color correction with some .95 dark and 1.05 light multiplier.


i put the trees in photoshop plus some color correction.


please help me make a better image. it looks too cartoonish for me..

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why cartoonish? well compair to a real photo. a few errors -


1) your sky is too dramatic, over saturated, and wrong for the position it's in.

2) you texturing is not very detailed - the road, grass, building etc etc have basic textures. in real life these surfaces are really detailed. cartoon like means less detail.

3) your modeling - very basic. you need more detail. recesses, chamfers, correct proportions etc. real life detailing is pretty intricate. yours looks like a basic block in comparison

4) general atmosphere - your image is VERY saturated and contrasty. you have little or no gi and radiosity. your shadows are too sharp. your trees look like from a toy shop. no realism. they also have poor photo shopping.


sorry to sound off, but in order to get closer to realism, as you asked, you need to see the errors. basically, compair your render to a photo, and the differences will be obvious for all to see. then you can improve :)

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thank you for the help, i really appreciate the honesty. i see it clearly now, ill have to put more work into this.


the model actually came from the architecture firm, so i guess its either ill have to remodel this or try some other trick. as for the trees, i just used some tga files and cut them out so they really do look out of place. do you have any advice on which "tree program" would be best?


i didnt notice the saturation of the sky and its contrasty-ness, i just noticed that its how most of my pictures look, i never thought of this. thanks again :)

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