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Volume Light with Vray

Guest Konfucij

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Guest Konfucij

Hello Friends! This is my first post and I am very happy to be here!


I have been trying to understand how the Volume Light works in the 3ds max now for 2 days and was trying to get it visible with Vray. Must be honest… had no success with Volume Light Effect ) Probably you might think it doesn’t work with vray and maybe some of you think it does. I have been reading about the volume lights in this and other sites, and evermotion has 2 great tutorials regarding volume effect, one of these tutorials get the Volume Light Effect working with Vray and the other with Scanline Renderer. I have downloaded the first scene (Volume effect with Vray) and have tested it… please correct me if I am wrong but basically what I have understood is that Volume Effect works with shadow map only. Very strange thing about volumetric effect is that it works perfectly fine when you create simple objects with the simple light in the new scene file and it works great with vray, but when for instance your light becomes more complicated it suddenly becomes invisible…or maybe it is my bad experience, don’t know… but from what I have read I understood that most important thing to make this effect working is the dark background and volume lights with shadow map applied… but for some reason it doest work when light becomes more complicated… I have enclosed 2 examples and I really hoped that someone could help me to understand why this volume effect is not working…I am using 3ds max 9 with the extension booster 1 and the vray adv 1.50 RC5


Many Thaks!

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