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Canal Side exterior


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This is a test render of my university project. Im after some advice on how you guys think I may improve my image. I intend to populate the scene to give it some life and also add some field of view which I have never done before.

My apps are:

3d studio max 9

Vray 1.5



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Ok well its looking pretty good so far but first off I would bring the sun round so its facing the canal facade after all you've spent a lot of time modelling it so why keep it in the shadow.


Also bring the camera round slighly to the left, its a bit to straight on to the corner of your building.


If you really want to do into detail then the window that is directly facing the camera on the corner isn't reflecting anything just sky, but you may not see as much if you move your camera round.


Take your time with the people, go out and take photos of people in the right lighting conditions as they really can make or break an image.


Good start though

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