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WEIRD material output


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I'm trying to render an interior scene using vray, and for some reason I'm getting the wire effect, and thats not what I'm trying to do. Please check image to understand what I'm talking about.


I used a normal cylinder which you can see in the image, and I tried a normal circle and then extruded it to see if it would work but the result was the same !!!!


render setting:

Image smapler - adaptive QMC Catmull rom

Indirect illumination - irradiance map light cache

color mapping - exponential



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looks like a material problem, check your bump map first, then all the other slots.



Hi thanks for your reply. About the material thats not the problem I apply the normal max and the vray material just the default materials, not bump no reflect nothing, I even created a cylinder using defferent methods and they all ended up with the same result.

Its very annoying when you get the a new unwanted result :mad:

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