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How do you over clock a cpu?

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Just got a quad core 6600. I have seen posts about OCing. Not sure if its worth it or not. How would one do this? Is it difficult?


Overclocking a processor is a trial/error game.. "Most" motherboards give at least "some" options of overclocking, mainly with upping the FSB.. Some of the motherboards are specificly designed for overclocking, ASUS was one of those in the past, but they're quickly dropping back behind companies like Evga and Gigabyte.. The Q6600 is, generally speaking, a great overclocking processor, even on air cooling, I know of many people that have gotten theirs to "over" 3Ghz and up to 3.5Ghz on one occasion.. With that said, make sure you have a way to monitor the temperature of your processor while overclocking, for high temperatures, due to overclocking, gives you a quick and easy way to need to purchase a new one.. The better overclocking boards will allow you to up the FSB in 1Mhz increments, which gives you the best chance of getting that "best bang" situation without destroying your system.. Good luck..

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