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[3DSmax9, scanline]Questions about anti-alias.


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I have a small question about anti-alias.

Is there a way to create object with anti-alias on it, but which is NOT anti-aliased with the background? I need this for a bluescreen scene.


There should be normal AA on the model but a crisp edge to the background.


Is this possible? I am thankfully for any help.


Edit: sorry small typo, its max 8 not 9.

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There is a "Don't anti-alias gainst background" option in the Customize > Preferences dialog of 3ds Max (Rendering Tab).


What exactly do you need this for, if I may ask ? Rendering against a black background is just fine for compositing usually. (You only need to understand what pre-multiplied Alpha means)

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Thank you very much, it works fine and will save me a great amount of time.


I make buildings for an old 2D RTS game. I create an 3D-model of it. Do a render in a specific perspective. And after long way through several converters and tools, I will get an working building.


But with anti-alias I must first remove all the blue pixels from the edges as well, or it will look awfully in-game.


Thanks again.

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