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3D max 9. 20000 px render!!!

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hi, i have a ADM 32 bit dual core with 2G ram, 3dmax9 Vray9 and everyting works great but.......


I´m rendering a scene for the facade of an office, but to get an acurate render whitout lossing resolution (since it´s like 6 mts wide) i have to render in 20000 px. I´m using backburner with split scan lines option to avoid the "error creating bitmap" message. When i render at 10000 px it works, but in 20000 px the server reestars and it gives me this messaje:


server has not received an update from the manager and has timed out; asuming the manager is down


now, i have read every post here about this error, but i´m not using a render farm, it´s just 1 computer, so it´s not hardware or IP addresses (i think). My dead line it´s close PLEASE HELP ME GUYS!!!

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Since youre only using one computer and going to a render farm is not an option, IMO, the best thing you can do is make crop renders and stictch them together in PS.


Have you tried increasing the timout value in BB? How about checking the 'Critical' checkbox?


Is upscaling not an option? At 75 dpi, you will only need 17K wide pixels.

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