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Multi sub and blend materials

Andy Park

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I have golf course that I need to texture up. I want to get a nice blend between material, short grass to long, sand to grass that sort of thing. The multi sub mat does not allow blending between material and the blend only allows two material to blend.


I cannot use nested blend materials as the blend needs to be between multiple materials.


Imagine a square in quarters. each quarter has a different material. I need to be able to blend material 1 to material 2 but also to material 3.


essentially whenever a material meets another I need the two to blend.


I'm really stuck on this.


any help would be great.

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I have golf course that I need to texture up...any help would be great.



You might want to consider using the Composite Material. I used it to create a quick golf course (see image). The Composite Material is similiar to a Multi Sub-Object, with the difference being that the materials are all going to a set of polys with the same material ID.


In my picture, the overall rough green grass is the Composite "Base Material" and it does not have an alpha mask. You build up your material by creating a unique alpha mask for that particular course element and then assign an appropriate texture map.


In Photoshop, I created the walkpath first and saved it out. Then I created the rest of the alpha masks by adding new layers. You can see each individual alpha mask to the right of the image.


I hope this is somewhat helpful.


Good Luck and Good Texturing.

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Claudio, thanks that worked. Was really wanting to do it procedurally, but I guess thats not possible. your solution worked perfectly. cheers.


rob, had a look at the plugin, great plugin, but it doesn't work with mental ray, like so many of the really handy plugins aaaarrrghhh.


Thanks folks, much appreciated.

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Claudio - you're a legend!

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