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ZBrush - Any use in the 3d arch-viz field?

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Hey guys,


I'm seriously looking at buying a copy of ZBrush 3. Work has kind of gone to a stand-still a bit, so I'm looking for ways to keep engaged and interested in CG art. I've long been a pen-and-ink artist...much better at that than CAD stuff. CAD is where I ended up though...just by chance of my gf's (at the time) brother having a CAD training company and needing a job after graduation.


I'll be using if basically for sculpting characters in my free time, but outside of say....modelling rocks and MAYBE things like rivers/rapids...I cant think of any arch-viz uses for the program.


Does anyone use Zbrush in any way for arch-viz here?


I wonder if maybe there's a market for custom organic models in arch-viz...

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