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vray sunlight


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I attached two pictures. one is no vraylights close to the window, the other has vraylights. The problem is after I added vraylights which are close to the window, the sunlight which was pouring on the floor disappeared. Maybe the sunlight is not strong enough or the vraylights are too strong. I don't know , please give me some help!

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I dont know why the vray lights are blocking the sun? does making them invisble do anythign?


also you dont 'have' to use LWF to get good results, especially in a scene with strong directional lighting like this. if you arent using phys cam with ur sky sun i suggest you do though (keep both at 1 and expose with the camera). kind of defeats the purpose and advantage of sun/sky oif you dont take advantage of the camera.


you have some weird color mapping settings as well. Id switch to Reinhard (1.0 being linear mapping, 0 being exponential) and adjust the burn value to suit. Would also copy the vraysky into the environment override for reflections.


If you dont get enough light like this put in some vray fill lights like you have at low intensity, or even try with one behind the camera or off to the left of your image. I think Adaptive QMC would be a better choice of sampler for this image if you have detailed geometry or glossies.


hopefully this *may* help even though i didnt help with your question

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