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Ground drop


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Question is: is there any plugin for lightwave 9+ that "drops" object on "ground".

Example: I have problem with house / car where they are not on ground and i its to complicate for me now to correct their position so I was wandering if there is any plugin that solves that problem?


Thanks in advance


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There are a couple of solutions. In Modeler you can pess F3 to rest an object on the ground on any or all axis. F2 centers the object at the origin.


And there is some Layyout function that does this but I can't think of the name right now. But you can check out these plugins:





Cheers, Florian

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Thanks Limbus for reply.


I need this methode in layout. For that plugin i will check it but seems people are not that happy with it.


I need more testing but i am close to deadline so its little complicated for now :)



Cheers, Haze.

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