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finally, but not now


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i finally got my quad core back from my son after 8.5 months


(long story)


and now The material editor hangs up and completely locks The program

every Time when accessing most of The buttons which should bring up a


new dialog box


This is Totally buffalo-ing me


got some work To do but can NOT add materials or do any renders

any ideas on how To fix This hang-up would be greatly appreciated


cant find The maxstart.ini or cui or whatever

un-installed 4x cleaned registery and max9 folder


per local instructions





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so you did 4 clean re-installs, and you are still having max hang when you launch the material editor? ...and it is always the material editor?


i think 3dsmax.ini is the file you are looking for. it is either in the root of your 3dsmax directory, or you need to search the my documents directory for it. if you have done a complete re-install, it could still be a problem because i don't think re-installs overwrite the files in my documents. anyway, do a search for it, and delete it. keep in mind, deleting it will reset all of the customization you have done to your configuration.

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