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1920x1200 pc input monitor

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I am currently doing some work rendered out at 1920x1080 full HD.


However i don't have a HD workstation.


The graphics card in my laptop has the ability to drive a monitor/tv with full 1080p resolution.


Am i right in thinkin then that in order to view my HD work all i need to do is connect my laptop to a full HD monitor and set the monitor to be the only display and then set the resolution to 1920x1200???


Ok this is where the problem lies. I thought that would be the case but clearly not. The TV i was connected to to practice is a full 1080p res TV, but it stated in the manual that it can only display this res through a HDMI cable.


The highest res i could get through the PC input was around 13??x7??


Fair enough this is still HD but only 720.


Therefore if i want to get full viewing capabilities from my renders, i would need a monitor that has a PC input resolution of 1920x1200????


If this is the case, does anybody have any suggestions as to which one would be good.


I have picked out this one, but can anyone guide me as to whether this will do what i need it to do. All i need is to be able to view renders and animations projected from my laptop on the monitor in full HD??


Here is the monitor i found:


Samsung SM-245B PLUS 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor - Black



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Hi Dave, from the cadassist technical support team, as you know you only need 1080 and not 1200, this monitor looks nice, but its aspect ratio is 16:10 not 16.9 but that shouldn't be a problem as your playback software should be able to maintain the aspect ratio of the orig movie, but you still need a graphics card that can deliver 1920x1080 or 1200 to the samsung, and you state that it will only output that over the hdmi, if the monitor has a hdmi input then you are ok, but it doesnt state it in the specs. you can get dvi to hdmi converters, and I think you can probably get them the other way round too. you can even get USB-DVI monitor dongles for driving additional monitors from your PC (not sure if they support the resolution you need though). A quick call to overclockers should be able to confirm the additional inputs of the monitor your looking at.

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cheers john, whats with the cadassist comments? :)


i've not been with cadassist all that long so any bad experience you may have had, it wasn't me :D


and unfortunately being part of the technical support team doesn't necessarily mean i know about hardware and specs. we have another team for that. i just have to drive the software (max) and know how to use it :confused:


which company do you work for???

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You can display 1080 video on a 1920x1200 monitor. It just stretches or inserts letterbox depending on your software (letterbox is better). That monitor is good, I have at work. It's a TN screen (color accuracy isn't great) so if you also want very accurate color have a look at the Dell or similar S-PVA type LCD.


Or go on Amazon.com and get a DVI-to-HDMI cable for maybe $10, I have one for my laptop and it works well.

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Hi Dave no worries, me and Cadassist where done many years ago(tech support & training)...its ok, i was made redundant, it was probably my attidude, I didn't like being challenged on what i know or knew about xyz, Which was more than just 3DSMAX, but those other skills where under utilized,


I just thought it was funny that something so simple could not have been answered in -house.. I hope you get where I am comming from. I believe the situations where constructed to force me to leave, THe first major row with the boss, if i remember correctly was about my advices, that they needed a software RIP to enhance the Plotters printing functionality & speed...another about quark express, and a few others, basically I felt I was being squeezed, (but I suppose thats what happens when you work for bosses)... but when they brought in a lot of new people from other companies that had gone bust(sucked the juice out of them & then let them go too) they had to prune out the people they didnt need, and to be honest they didnt get that much work for me to do, as I didn't know the Mechanical & Cad software side of things, I can see the logic.


Just doing 3DSMAX all the time is a bit of a pain when you want to do so much more, like photography & video, and other CG stuff where ever possible.


Sorry to Upset you didn't mean to... I can't be all that bad, as now I am offering tech support for free, and I suppose if there is a little sour grapes in there, its because I am offering it to the company that used to pay me...


I did see one monitor on the overclockers site(was more expensive) with HDMI input, it was a dell, but you should be able to get that from work at cost! GIve it a go, and try not to drop me in it, as the last time I was there it was cordial.

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haha, no worries jon, this is for personal use anyway not related. i know what you mean tho, i love max, but they got me doin revit arch and struc, sketchup, civil 3d, photoshop, premiere and other stuff i don't wanna do but hey. i just see it as experience to go on my CV. oh and they got me training some apps as well now.


where you workin at now?? any jobs goin :)

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Hi Dave, I just freelance, with a little more variety these days, Cadassist was my first fulltime job, may be the last (I like being my own boss, but dont like being skint), it lasted 3 years so I was proud of it, even if the feeling wasn't mutual, but it is after all just biz' I suppose. Good Luck and I suppose with skills in ll the architectural stuff you should be able to do well in a lot of places.

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looking for one with a glossy screen so the colours in my print designs and animations have the extra boost/sharpness that you don't get with the matte screens.


any suggestions, i'm not picky but i'm looking for a 24" 1920x1200 glossy screen monitor, that has a reasonable price and a good spec


i'm no tech expert so could do with help finding one

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i would suggest the Samsung 2493HM too i just got one but the buttons are touch (and i hate them) and the calibration with it gave me nightmares the software sucks or it may be cause i use Vista

as for the look they sure look so coooool

Dear derik do u have problems with calibrating those ?do u use vista ?cause the software that came with this Lcd doesn't work (even after installing the new version for vista from samsung's site)

thanks for any input man

Edited by fadi3d
not to derik
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Yep, the touch buttons aren't great, but of all the reviews I read that was the only complaint. They're also super bright, we've got them turned down to 65%


fadi3d: We haven't bothered calibrating them beyond reducing the brightness. They're pretty much in line with the rest of the office now (Samsung 204B monitors).

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