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Need help with a scene?


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Hello James,


there's a good tutorial on the Autodesk AREA site (you'll need to register - advisable as it's got plenty of useful tutorials)




and there's this one on this site from 3DAS (direct PDF download)




and a good thread on these forums where Fran shows-off some interesting jiggery-pokery




As Kopeykin pointed out, over time you'll find that there is a modelling style that you like. When I was learning 3D modelling, my lecturer always emphasised that each method has it's inherent characteristics... It is important to remember that you are free to start a model in one format, convert it to another and adjust, then convert it to another again - all to get the most out of what you are using. You can also have that chair made up of polys, NURBS and Sub-D's - there's no rule saying it must be only one type. If you find it easier to get the basic block shapes of your chair using polys, then do it. If you find it's easier then to smooth-out the bumps and add some irregularity using sub-d's, then do it. You could then convert back to a med-res poly mesh and add the piping/ trims with NURBS and finish off with a poly-smooth.


The best way to find what works well for you is practice.

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