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Single house - upmarket area

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here is one for you comments


its a small townhouse in a suburban area that is a little more upmarket

so we tried to simulate features like ashlar lines through the paintwork and extra features on the porch


i had to bring in the model from Revit - so that too a lot of work cleaning up as i mentioned in another thread


look forward to your comments on how we can improve further

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yes definitely work on your lighting. There are some good exterior lighting MR tutorials online now.


Also the siding on the house looks a bit out of scale unless it is a different type of siding than i am thinking of.


keep up the good work.



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The angle looks odd, between an aerial and eye point of view - it would be easier and less time concuming to make the image eye level - then there would be no need on filling the horinzon line with buildings and vegetation - works especially if your client did not provide you with the situation of the site or the neighbouring surroundings are tedious to model.

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