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Senior Living Interior


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I had just run this rendering of a main entrance lobby to a senior living facility. I thought I would post it to see if anyone had some comments or critiques on the image. Unfortunately I have 3 other images to do in 2 days and probably won't be able to get to the changes till after then for my own personal growth. By the way, the hanging light fixtures will be changed out. Thanks in advance for any suggestions,:)


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Thanks for posting.


First thing that strikes me - dark lighting. I'd brighten it up.


Maybe some AARP magazines, or some "Big Bands of the 1940s" magazines on the coffee table?


I'm tempted to say things like:

* big tray of pills by the area on the left

* big sign that advertises the upcoming Seniors Ball draped from the ceiling

* Nurses



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A couple of other things like the way the bookcases end into the stone of the fireplace. There should be some support for the shelves on that end.


The wood floor looks wavy, and the rugs look very thin.


Overall, the room has a good look to it, but I agree with everyone else about the lighting. It looks like light is leaking in under the door down the hall.


Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great job....:o

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