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translucent plastic


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Hi all,


I'm trying to render an interior-lit column of milky, light diffusing plastic, and I can't seem to get the light distribution to be more complex; i.e. it just looks like I applied a light material to the exterior of the column, or like a glass tube with a beam of light suspended in it. I've tried IOR, translucency, refraction glossiness settings to no effect. The image below is what I'm getting with settings I would think would at least approach what I want, also below. Couldn't find anything on vraymaterials.de, either. I know I'm going to bruise my forehead with my palm once I figure this out. Thanks in advance!



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Another option to using a 2 sided mat would be to add a shell modifier to your cylinder to actually give it a thickness.

Also mabey make the fog colour something other than white and turn it's multiplier down way low like .1 - .01.

Your on the right track with the refractive glossiness. For this effect I'd usually put it at about .5....

One more thing, if your using a VrayLight Mat for the light inside the pillar try adding a gradient to change the colour slightly to make it look a little less light a constant light throughout.

Hope this helps...

Any new renders?

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