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Black People textures


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It's not too difficult to make your own just take a photo (or get one off the net with no restrictions), ideally with a blank background that you can easily delete in photoshop (The new selection tool in CS3 is brilliant for this). Then save 2 images, 1 with the photo of the person without a background (You will need to save in a format that supports transparency, .tiff or .tga etc) and the other as an alpha where the person is filled in white and the background is black.


Load the first image in the "diffuse" slot and the alpha in the "cut-out" slot (If your using the arch&design shader or "opacity" in the standard shader. Then do uvw map with bitmap fit. They work fine for still work and you get shadows sitting propperly on your scene.


The screen grab is the same principal but for a tree.

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I too am looking for black (and other people of color)textures to purchase... not make myself. I've been shopping online for them and it seems like most of the people are caucasian.


These are just (ready-made) high res 2d photographic images of people that I want to use in Photoshop... either already cut out or with alpha channel.

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