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Dave Oliver

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It depends on how close the rocks are going to be viewed.... if it's from afar you can get by with just a diffuse and bump map, up close I'd use displacement.


CGTextures.com has a pretty good rock collection for textures to get you started.




As for the geometry, I typically start with a geospehere with minimal subdivisions, start pulling on it's vertices using soft selection and then throw a smooth modifier on top.


For something like the image you posted you may be better sweeping a curve with internal segments and pushing and pulling on it to disform the curve, and slap some displacement on it.

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yes as a last resort i was thinking about using noise, smooth, then displacement. but i know this will end up looking a little un-natural. other than the quick generation method i would actually have to study landscaping rock and try to reproduce them.


i was guessing those guys who do the clay modeling must know the most pleasing looking rocks to use together, and maybe someone with that knowledge had put out a 3d library too.


hey we should get some clay rocks from modelers, use one of those 3d scanner things to approximate the good blob shapes, and sell em' as a pack.


thanks for your help

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