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3D House Exterior WIP


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Here are 2 renders of my current work,

Could anybody please advise on the look and feel of these images.

If you would like me to take a screen shot of my settings please let me know.

I used Vray fur for the grass, it looks good in the front but the back it is to spread out, I will change that soon.


Any advice is welcome

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have you considered a more dramatic lighting situation? your materials are white, and the sun is right overhead, so there is a lot of washed out white.


bad grammar:

if you throw the sun down at an angle, give it a warm color, and have a cool color for the environment, and have some reflection on your materials. you will pick up the warm and cool colors on planes that face different directions. also you will get some specular highlights - if you save these as a separate channel you can also play with them in photoshop.


looks like your bump map is applied too large

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Yeah it is a better one just few suggestions:


1 the water is not looking natural at al decrease the size of the wave the water has


2 the glass on the balcony is making your scene a cg. folow a more real glasss material


3 try to change the colour of umbrella instead of white it is merging.



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Any advice or comments welcome, if anybody has an idea of anything to add to the scene or any other settings I should use please let me know.



Nice effort thus far, but here are some areas I see needing attention:


Modeling - your building will greatly benefit from chamfered edges


Lighting - image has low contrast making it appear flat...check Exposure Control settings


Camera Angle - too high off the ground...needs to be lower to help scale


Foliage - 2d trees really stand out...too much saturation. Considered going all the way -3D?

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