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Create HDRI from max scene


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You could look into the 'panorama exporter' tool in the max help files. Or if you're using vray then you can also do it by setting up a standard cam then changing the camera settings in the render dialogue rollout to 'spherical', over-ride FOV to 360 and make sure your image size has an aspect ratio of 2.0 i.e. 3000*1500px or similar. Then save your image as either .hdr or .exr and make sure your output gamma is 1.0.


Quite a useful technique to know. I recently used it on a job when the architect told me at the last minute to add pendant light fittings to an atrium space I had already rendered. I didn't want to have to re-render the whole image so I just rendered off a quick 360 degree hdr at 360*180px then used that as the environment to render out my light fittings.

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