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How often do you restart Max (2009)

Matt McDonald

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Ive noticed the one feature that appears that makes me restart is when the move transform is out of scale; meaning if I move my mouse a little bit the object moves exponitional longer and further AND I can not undo its new (wrong) location.


Anyone have that same problem or is that something just me and my copy of Max share? [Crowd chime in......Awwww :(]

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version on my laptop is pretty solid maybe 1-2 crashes a day (only model production) and i'm pretty free of plugins but if i use a collegues box it's crash before even loading just to say hello and often will crash with no recourse once working

the other 2 guys in the office are pretty stable (and so are the max copies) so it's hardware we think


before coming here i was using max 9 and that would throw it's licence every few weeks

max - gotta love it

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