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Hi all,

I live in Darwin, Australia, where I work as a 3D modeler/illustrator in an architectural firm and as a freelance.

Darwin is a great place to live. The nature is amazing and the people very easy going. A bit like the Guns and Roses Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.


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And it's stinkin, F'in hot.


And that goes double for Darwin. I did a ton of work there for a while, flying in a spending 2 weeks at a time. I dont mind the people there although there is a shortage or pretty women. The clients were really good to deal with too. Unfortunately the market crashed there and everyone pulled out, so I haven't done a 3D picture anywhere near Darwin on over 5 years!


It's a nice time of year there right now. Enjoy it and welcome to the forum.

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