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GeForce vs Quadro benchmarks (actual tests!)

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I have been asking this basic question for almost 6 years!


Got so many mixed messages I bought an FX1100 for my Dual Xeon back in 2003 for $1000 (CDN). Now I run a GeForce 9600 (albeit on a QuadCore), and only find a few times when lines disappear and rotating around a shaded model becomes a slideshow. But for 1/6th the proportionate cost, I can live with it.


I could go SLI and still come out with a decent beer fund. :)

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About a year and a half ago we took an 8800GT, ran SPECapc, soft modded the GT to an FX3600 (or whatever the Quadro equivalent is) and ran the benchmarks again. Ultimately it was kind of a crap shoot. On some tests the Quadro was faster on others the GeForce. We never could determine and rhyme or reason, it wasn't big scenes vs. small scenes or wireframe vs. shaded.

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