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Keeping Projects organized methods . . .

Dave Buckley

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Again another 'i'm just interest' post


Just looking into how people keep projects organized and how they stay on top of project management.


What steps do you take from concept to completion of a project?


Folder structures

Methods inside Max

Startup settings

Scene states

Scene explorers


etc, etc


what do you guys do religiously on every project


i'm looking into the most efficient workflows from concept to completion

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Create a project folder on desktop. Drop all Cad files, photos into that.

Create Max file in Max's Scene folder organised by year.

Render scene as Tiff into Max's Output folder (or whatever it's called)

Create PS file.

Save PS file and a JPG copy.

End of project (or week) backup all onto external drive

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I create a folder in my Scenes folder named for the client (i.e. Fred's Home Builders).

Within there I make a few folders:




Ref Images



When the project is through, I burn every to a DVD and put it on the shelf with the disc labeled with the customer name and current date

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