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Onyx trees?


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I just bought the onyx tree bundle ... really nice stuff.

I am trying to make a custom seagrape tree. I am having pretty good luck I have made custom leaves and applied them to "plates"


I am having problems figuring out which tree to start with that will give me the best leaf positioning for a seagrape. The seagrape leaves kinda go around the twigs see attachment.


I am also thinking maybe a bush would be best to start with ....any ideas?


Is there another site where onyx trees are discussed more?


as always


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Depending on the type of Tree you are starting from, the leaf shape types are limited. Most likely, you will need to use a shape that is large and wide enough to receive a texture and opacity map of the seagrape leaf that incorporates some of the stem that you speak of. As nice as it would be to use nothing but geometry for Trees, sometimes you just can't get away from good old fashioned opacity mapping.

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