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Max Noise Controller


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I have applied a Noise Controller to my camera Target and have achieved the effect I need but, when I apply it - the controller moves the position of the target to a random position.


I cannot move the target after applying the controller - can anyone tell me how I can move the target with the noise controller applied ?





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Try adding a dummy object at 0,0,0 give that the noise then link your camera target to that.

Although I'm sure there's something about adding a list first then the noise controller, I did it a few years ago but struggling to remember.

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Just to shed some light on this, when the noise controller was added as the position controller, there is no mechanism for the object to be located in 3d space apart from the noise controller. By linking the object to a dummy, the position can be set because it is inherited from the position controller(most likely a position XYZ) of the dummy (or any parent).


Another way to achieve this would be to use a Position List controller at the main controller, then use a position XYZ controller, and a noise controller as members of the list controller,(if the position XYZ controller was the main controller will be automatically bumped down to the top of the position list) this way the position xyz controller maintains the overall position (allowing you to move it around) and the noise provides the animated random position.


Controllers are an interesting (and deep) part of Max. As an aside the term "float" in many of the controllers is simply a reference to a "Floating Point number" as opposed to an integer (somewhere some math major has asked why isn't there a "Bezier Integer" controller type).


Hope this helps any future controller confusion. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, get Bobo's "Advanced Maxscript" and watch the parts about the "Transform Matrix" it is really amazing what can be done at that level of Max.



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