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Rendered image save options...gamma related question.


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I posted this same question on another forum, but no one looked, so I reposted here...


I am set up with a 2.2 linear workflow. Typically I save as a simple JPG or Tiff. I read somewhere that saving as an 8-bit image might require different correction than saving as a 16-bit image, and that saving as a floating point openEXR might even change things more. It's one thing making Max gamma correct, but what about all of the options for saving images??


What is the best format to save rendered images bases on linear workflow and why?


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a 16 or 32 bit image format is the best format allowing for the best quality of correction in post. My personal preference is 32bit EXR, but TIF, or PNG can also serve you well.


As for all the options when saving out your file, the thing to remember is that if you're saving out to a 16 or 32 bit file to leave the gamma output set @ 1. But if you save out to a jpg (or any 8 bit) from the same setup in the max file save dialogue box use the gamma override option and key in a 2.2 adjustment.


(unless you know you're going to save out to 8 bit in which case you can "burn in" gamma correction by setting the gamma output to 2.2 in max (or your render engine) and not have to use the override)

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Thanks Brian....I have everything set at 2.2 in gamma

settings including input and output. So I would use the

1.0 override when saving as a exr or other 32-bit image?


yup you can do it that way too.


Any advantage using an exr vs a png or tiff?


can save multiple channels (render elements) into an EXR.

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