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Searching a Lavender Model (lavadula angustifolia)


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Hi All,


I'm searching to buy a good lavender model. I've found a great model at the bionatics webpage http://www.bionatics.com/Site/product/index.php?langue=en&UrlSuite=%2FSite%2Fproduct%2Fshop%2Fplant%2Fdetail.php%3FCommunity%3D1%26ProductLineId%3D9%26Category%3D11%26SubCategory%3D112%26PlantId%3Dflor_p

but one has to buy NatFX to be able to use this model. The software is just a bit too much to spent for this one model, so I'm looking for another solution.


In what collections can I find a similiair model?





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