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Vray Exterior Animation - Best Settings question ?


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Hello !


At the beginning i would like to apologise for my english :D


So i have to do an Animation using Vray. This is one family house exterior, with garden, some trees, and plants.

I was planning to animate :


Camera move, Vray Sun&Sky to change light intensity, moving car, and some lights in night shot.I would like to use GI. Animation's time is more or less than 2 min, final resolution eg. 1024x768.


And now my question :


What is the best, and simple way using vray to get good results. ?


I was readind 3 - steps tutorial based on light cache fly trough, and irradence map multiframe incremental, but i don't know if it's the best way to animate exteriors, with changing lights ( night ---> day ), moving objects, etc...


I have got 2 core quad computers, to calculate all of this.


And one more question.


Do you know any tutorial about procedural clouds like this :


on youtube type : vray clouds

and movie name is : vray sun + sky test 3 ( soory i can't send links on forum )


Btw. it is similar to sometging i would like to achive.

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