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NPR Style with Photoshop


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Yeah lose the short dude in the center right.


Looks great for fast (1-2hrs or less PS time?)


The tree in the very center of image is a bit strong blended with the shadow behind it(tweak the tree a few times with Levels, Hue Sat, maybe more transp. and so on)

Try some foreground planting and frame in some upper tree branches on top.

Match your side and upper frame edges with your lower loose edge. To much Sky

Try to Dodge the entry door abit the show the big skylight does have an effect.


Oh and what is the focus of this image? that tree is pretty big and dark, in my opinion


Great image for getting feel of the space.

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Nothing shocking, but:


If the columns in the rear are getting sunlight, why aren't the columns in the front?


The group of three peeps near the middle are standing on the edge of the path. The lady on the far right is on the grass. The two on the far left are walking in a weird direction.


If you could put some tilt on the stone so it follows the walls, the would be less weird to me. And don't include the ACAD stone hatch pattern.

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